Pastor Tom Balzamo was born and reared in New Jersey. He studied Diagnostic Imaging at Porter Memorial School of Radiology in Valparaiso, Indiana, and has worked in MRI, CT, and X-Ray departments in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. 

Pastor Balzamo received his ministry education at First Baptist Church of Wayland, MO under the leadership of Pastor Dan Deatrick and Pastor Daniel Fox. 

One thing that Pastor Balzamo is intent upon is that his preaching leave the listener with a better understanding of the Biblical text (and thereby it's Author) when he is finished.

"The only way to help undo the damage done by shallow, emotion-driven exhibitions in pulpits is to encourage disciples to be Biblically intelligent and teach them accordingly. It's the only way for a Christian to learn to truly walk with the Lord by faith and not walk by his whims and feelings. The unsaved world is not fooled by shallow exhibitions, so being Biblically intelligent is the first line of defense against false professions and helps promote balanced, Biblical evangelism."  - Pastor Balzamo

Aside from his ministry duties, Pastor Balzamo enjoys woodworking and metalworking in his workshop. He also enjoys target shooting, and even does some graphic design work for churches when he can. Pastor Balzamo also regularly trains in martial arts including Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.