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Pastor Thomas Balzamo was born and raised in New Jersey. He studied Diagnostic Imaging at Porter Memorial School of Radiology in Valparaiso, Indiana, and has worked in MRI, CT, and X-Ray departments in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. 

He was called into ministry in 2009 and was trained and discipled in Theology and Practical Matters in the Local Church environment for four years. In January of 2013, Pastor Balzamo was examined by ten veteran Pastors for fitness for Gospel ministry. In February 2013 he was ordained. In March of 2015, Pastor Balzamo was commissioned to plant Colonial Baptist Church. Colonial Baptist Church held its first service on April 26th, 2015.

One thing that Pastor Balzamo is intent upon is that his preaching leave the listener with a better understanding of the Biblical text and thereby its Author.

"Shallow, emotion-driven exhibitions in pulpits have caused preaching to lose its credibility with many people. It has also created an epidemic of false Christians, Biblically ignorant and immature church members, and spiritually wounded saints. We should stop seeing preaching as sanctified entertainment and instead see it as learning, specifically, learning Christ.. The unsaved world is not fooled by shallow, “churchy” exhibitions, concerts, giveaways, and all the shameful gimmicks used to get people in the doors. They respond more sincerely to that which is authentic, honest, balanced, and refreshingly Biblical. My desire for Colonial Baptist Church is that it might uphold the purity of the Gospel to the lost, and plainly teach the Scriptures that God’s people might grow as fast or as slow as their own diligence permits. This church shall be a light to the lost, an infirmary for the spiritually wounded saint, and a training center for disciples of Christ". - Pastor Balzamo

Aside from his ministry duties, Pastor Balzamo enjoys family time, woodworking and metalworking in his workshop, pistol training, and training in mixed martial arts.