Here are some of the most commonly searched for doctrinal matters.

  • We are Independent Baptist by conviction and are thus autonomous. We have no ties and are not subject to a convention, association, or “hierarchical fellowship”of churches.

  • We believe in the imminent, pre-tribulational rapture in which the Lord will return in the clouds to catch away His bride, the Church. We believe in the pre-millenial return of Christ to the earth.

  • We believe the King James Version of the Bible is the Word of God preserved to English speaking people and that preservation thus carries the weight of inspiration. We reject the teaching of "Double inspiration" or Ruckmanism as it is an imbalanced, indefensible aberration from truth. The Bible is our sole and final source of Authority for faith and practice.

  • We believe our music should honor the Lord. We believe that what is often referred to as a "Blended" or “Contemporary” style of worship music is a gross departure from the way in which God desires to be worshipped. It is not consistent with God's character. It incites the flesh and ultimately makes worship for the feelings of individuals instead of for the glory of the Lord, who is alone worthy of our worship. For these reasons we are "traditional" in our worship music and style.

  • We believe in Doctrinal, Bible preaching. We interpret Scripture literally and naturally in it's grammatical, historical context. If the Scriptures intend for something to be figurative it will use appropriate language for a figurative interpretation, i.e. "type of", "shadow of", et al. We believe private study of the original Biblical languages enriches our preaching and teaching because it provides the cultural context in which it was written, among other things. Alleged "contradictions" are easily answerable by understanding context.

  • Due to the method of interpretation mentioned above we recognize dispensations as God gave His word progressively through History. We reject Calvinism/ Covenant theology/ Reformed theology/ Replacement theology, and the variants of these. Salvation is by grace through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and it is for all who believe. We believe the choices of repentance and personal faith in Christ are necessary for salvation, and that one who is genuinely saved/born again is permanently and irrevocably saved. (Note: The doctrine known as Arminianism also falls drastically short of Bible truth and therefore we must reject it.)

If you have any questions about our doctrine and practice we'd be more than happy to assist you.  Please don't hesitate to contact us!


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